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Welcome to your Online Course! This is arguably one of the most important investments you have ever made into your future and it will yield returns that will be way profitable provided you apply yourself and focus attention on what is important right now!

I am Mosimiloluwa, your coach for this course. I graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University where I studied Computer Science with Economics. On the day I finished my final exams, I left the University campus to prepare for my trip to the United Kingdom to start a journey that eventually led to my full offer at one of the world’s leading investment bank!

In case you are wondering, ‘You must have made a First Class’; well, I did not. I made a Second Class Lower (which we can later talk about). However, I made up my mind that my class of grade was just going to be a number, I was going to do the same types of things and work in the same type of places where people with First Class work. If you graduated with a First Class, congratulations! You just also have to know at the back of your mind, that the grade may get you an interview, your ability to prove beyond reasonable doubt your degree of proficiency gets you the job!

This is not just my journey in these classes, it is the journey of other people coupled with years of research, days and nights of asking questions and discussions with employers and Human Resource managers about what makes a candidate stand out indeed!

We won’t only be focusing on the corporate world or solely on how to get job offers, we will also be talking about how to create jobs! Some of us will work for our employers while others will be employers of labour themselves – so how do you position the eyes of your mind to see opportunities that will lead to wealth creation?

Come with me and let’s do this together!

Born out of an intensity of pain, tears and sweat, The Employable Graduate is a course targeted at ensuring it leaves an unforgettable mark on everyone who comes in contact with it. The National Bureau of Statistics has the figures – a whopping 23.1% of Nigerians are unemployed, and another staggering 20% are underemployed. This does not only hold true for Nigeria but indeed other African countries. We are sitting on a time bomb – and you definitely need to learn how to escape these statistics and not just get any job, land your dream job!

The Employable Graduate is structured with a mind elevation course – you’d realise that a big future starts with a big mind – a mind large, wide enough to dare to imagine the impossible. We then do a foray into debunking stinking thinking – mindsets that you have picked through your experiences, the experiences of others, your background etc that can prevent the emergence of the best version of yourself which is fully ready to step into limitless possibilities

After dealing with matters of the mind, we then visit the world of employers – what are they actually looking for? Why have you gone for 10 interviews and you have not been called back? What’s that mistake you keep making? How do you stop making the same mistake and doing the right things? How do you make yourself memorable? Best part of this is that you’d be hearing from an HR professional herself!

To make things more interesting and practically demonstrate what you have learnt, Simi went through a LIVE INTERVIEW herself!!! – infact, there was a question she was asked whose answer she did not know – see how she navigated these sudden questions that almost jolt you out of your seat! The HR professional commented on her interviews and you know what to do if you want to know if she got the job?

Finally, we landed things in – How to handle an interview outcome. How do you handle a YES? And how do you handle a NO? How do you turn a NO into a YES?

All these and many more! Dive right in – the future you have always waited for is right here!

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