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The Employable Graduate is a course designed to prepare you for marketplace positioning with an unbeatable edge.

This online course starts with discussions around the very important role the mind plays in positioning us for great opportunities. Let’s face it – a great future starts in the mind. A mind large and wide enough to dare the impossible.

After we deal with the mind, we then take a deep journey into debunking stinking thinking which covers paradigms that have been built through experiences (your own or others) which has the capacity to prevent the emergence of the best version of yourself which is ready to step into limitless possibilities.

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Be Productive

I speak at training events targeted at equipping people to increase their capacity for productivity, teaching them a new way to see the world and helping them to discover the potential they carry

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The Transformation
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Bringing out the best in YOU!

More personalised hands-on relationship targeted at bringing out the best in people. Assignments, case study, brainstorming exercises and a pathway that leads them from where they are to where they should be causing real and impactful transformation.

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Hitting the target!

Coaching platform targeted at helping people become their best self and live their unlived life.


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I speak at workshops and conferences around the world and can be contacted for speaking engagements.

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Participants’ thoughts on The Employable Graduate

I remember vividly the tough period before I joined Simi’s interview class – I was a budding developer who was struggling with what direction to take – freelance or work in the software industry. Simi’s class was super helpful! She explained the various points of entry into a firm, interview insights, networking conversations, writing smart cover letters and many more. I’m really glad I came across the invite to the class. I recommend her class to everyone! Simi, thank you.

Corneliusfrom Interview Class

Being able to land my first internship with an investment bank in Lagos was a dream come true thanks to Simi’s online interview sessions. The sessions helped me in setting my goals as well as giving me the right push I needed to build my technical skills. As an icing on the already-beautiful cake, the principles she taught us are still relevant and useful in achieving my daily tasks and improving my productivity. I recommend this to everyone willing to learn and gain practical skills required in securing a placement in the 21st century workplace!


After all Simi taught us, I took the giant step to apply to 2 of the world’s leading investment banks. Although, I got a mail that I did not pull through to the next stage, passing the C.V. test and being called for the first interview is such a huge success to me, and I’ll keep pushing with the knowledge I have learnt from what I could have done better. My advise to anyone reading this, get on the ride and make this great investment into your future!


I got to know Simi through the August Interview Class she put together in 2018. I have learnt how to present and express myself by understanding that I am worth a lot and can contribute a lot to the world. She’s made me understand that being African, or being Nigerian doesn’t put me at a disadvantage, if anything, it puts me at an advantage and brings out my ability to withstand all kinds of things life throws at me. I keep hearing her words in my heart – I am resilient. Thanks Simi. I can’t wait to be part of the class again!


Simi’s October Interview Class was very instrumental in helping me prepare for interviews. She helped me gain better perspectives and I became more confident in not only interviewing but making concrete plans for my future. A lot has happened since the interview class last year – I was able to get some leadership positions in reputable student organizations, an opportunity to travel out of the country for a fully sponsored study trip. I have a better view of what I want for my future. Many thanks to Simi.


Simi’s classes shake and smash your tables. Her words push you to taking action and loses you from whatever constraint from the inside out. I got an offer to intern in one of the world’s leading financial institutions. Mosimiloluwa, thank you! Guys, don’t sleep on this – you will forever be grateful you stumbled on this platform.




To extend impact to the less privileged in the society, we will appreciate your donations to a charity that looks after Youth and women empowerment in Nigeria – Youth Alive Development and Women Rescue Foundation here.
Funds will pay for the school fees of children in rural communities, put food on the table of fatherless children and establish teenage mothers in vocations.